Couple of days ago, my youngest son, asked me to take his classmates home, therefore it agreed to lend him the car, this is actually the case that on your way back to our House suffered an accident, where in fact the whilst the driver of one other vehicle were both injured. To understand immediately report to the insurance company and request the support of a legal adviser.For the full time of the signing of the policy, unaware me of the existence of a clauseindicating a stipulation that is excluded from coverage under 25 people or less compared to the two years of driving, that will use the vehicle experienced.Whenever you contact the legal counsel by way of a query, I request to send him the contract of the policy for your review, therefore it became aware with this detail, explaining that this can be a unilateral decision that certain insurance companies make as regards clauses included in the insurance policies required of circulation, that still being accepted by the policyholder of exactly the same Sometimes they correspond to an important and undeniable limitation on the rights of persons who claim their vehicles.This practice contributes to a considerable increase of the premium to cancel by the policyholder, even when it is limiting their rights.These drivers are considered most in danger, and its an incident with a 3rd party, of proceeding of the insurance entities is to compensate the injured party, however, subsequently claim the quantity paid to the policyholder.The truly interesting, is that during the time of the appropriate legal advice, and make consultation of lawyers in telephone manner, I obtained the response necessary and sufficient in order to request the report on the clause in the policy and act accordingly, since to keep yourself informed that the Supreme Court in a ruling of 20 November 2014 has limited the exercise of the best of repetition of insurance companies to the assumptions legally provided for in article 10 of the Royal Decree 8/2004, of 29 October, whichapproves the revised text of regulations on civil liability and insurance in the circulationof motor vehicles, relating with this precept only collects the possibility of Pact on repeat on the assumption that the automobile being driven by a person lacking a drivers license otherwise permitted the inclusion of a provision that excludes coverage to minors aged 25 or drivers with less connection with circulation, which translates struggling to repeat from the policyholder the amount indemnified to the affected alternative party while such circumstance was expressly collected in the specific conditions of the policy and could have been expressly accepted by it.But this, said exclusion Pact if it could deploy its effects beyond your scope of the compulsory insurance, allowing in that case repeat the policyholder of the compensation taken care of damage caused to the insured vehicle.As you can see, be informed punctually, can avoid any number of disadvantages, including protects us from losses of money, that is important legal services


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